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First Aid Training during the COVID Pandemic

26 Jan by Tony Parr, Director of Quality and Compliance
3 minute read

With the current COVID pandemic continuing to impact the childcare industry, and confusion over the current rules, we held a Q&A with our Director, Tony Parr to help clarify some of your questions over First Aid Training during the pandemic.


Is First Aid Training available during lockdown?

Yes. Since the first lockdown in March 2020, Tigerlily Training have trained over 25,000 people.

Paediatric First Aid training is classed as ‘essential’ by industry regulators and enables childcare settings and schools to remain safe, secure and open for the children of key workers and other professions. It is also essential to have an appropriate number of qualified first aiders at your place of work.

Requalification certificates can be extended to 31 March 2021 at the latest, and we recommend refreshing your First Aid knowledge using online resources, until you are able to attend your next full training course.

Are there extra safety measures in place?

Yes. Tigerlily Training have made some key modifications to our training procedures, to prioritise learner safety during their training:

  1. All human-to-human contact has been removed and largely replaced with trainer demonstration.
  2. Learners now work on their own on several of the key practical exercises i.e by putting themselves into the recovery position and bandaging their own leg.
  3. It is vital that all learners are assessed by the trainer on several key practical areas to ensure they complete the course having demonstrated the skills required for certification.
  4. CPR is the most important of these and all learners are required to demonstrate rescue breaths on their own personal manikin. Learners will also be provided with sanitising wipes and their own protective face-shield.
  5. Strict 2 metre social distancing is implemented throughout the course and large, well ventilated training rooms are being used at all Tigerlily’s 80+ venues across the country.

How can someone prepare to attend a First Aid Training course?

  1. Please do not attend a course if you feel unwell, are shielding or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. If you are already booked onto a course, you can transfer your course to a later date without charge.
  2. If possible, we encourage all learners and trainers to take a lateral flow test 48 hours before attending one of our courses.
  3. Ensure you bring your own facemask with you, as this will be required before entering the training centre and during the course. Masks are available at the training centre, but they may not be as comfortable as your own.  
  4. Hand-sanitiser and protective gloves are also provided on all our courses, but you may also take your own for additional comfort and safety.
  5. Our training rooms are currently being well ventilated, so you may wish to bring additional layers of clothing or a warm coat.
  6. Refreshments are not provided, please therefore bring your own drinks and lunch for the day.
  7. Additional measures should be taken when using communal areas; use your hand sanitiser or wash your hands thoroughly after touching door handles or surfaces.
  8. Please always keep at least 2 metres away from other learners and the trainer.
  9. We operate a track and trace system if you develop COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID within 10 days of attending a course and we ask you to please contact us immediately on 0300 3020 999.


We continue to offer and provide Paediatric First Aid Training at all of our training centres across the country, with our highest priority being on learner safety, the trainers delivering the courses and the support staff at every venue.

Please therefore follow all the safety guidance provided before and during any First Aid Course you may be attending.