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We continue to deliver face-to-face COVID-safe First Aid Training Courses at our 100 UK training centres and on-site at our client's premises. 

  • Our training centres will be large enough to continue social distancing
  • Our trainers are expected to wear a visor during course delivery and a mask during the assessment. Learners are asked (unless exempt) to wear a mask when entering and moving around the venue
  • As per the RESUS Council guidance for paediatric first aid training learners must demonstrate rescue breaths. Learners will be given their own thoroughly cleaned manikin for use during the practical assessment
  • To keep everyone safe we ask that all learners complete an at-home lateral flow test prior to attending the training

If you are looking for First Aid Training at our training centres, please click here to Book a Course Online or for training at your workplace; please Submit an Enquiry or call on 0300 3020 999

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Updated 19/07/2021

EYFS 2021 First Aid UpdateOur Blended First Aid Meets Full Guidance, click to find out more...

EYFS Framework Update - Blended First Aid Meets Full Guidance

We are delighted that the Department of Education continues to recognise Blended First Aid in the New EYFS Framework that comes into effect on the 1st September 2021 and you can be guaranteed that Tigerlily meets the full guidance.
Our Blended Full Paediatric Course covers all elements of the Emergency Paediatric Course during the trainer-led practical day and our eLearning module contains only the additional content required to gain the Full Paediatric First Aid Qualification.

Call us today to book your course on 0300 3020 999, alternatively Book a Course Online.

Lady Putting A Plaster On A Childs Knee

First Aid for Parents: Back to Basics

20 May by Traci Sproston, The Medic Mum
2 minute read

I am a Paramedic and I have been in the Ambulance Service for 21 years, but when it comes to being a mum, I am just the same as any other mum.

'That first time your child starts to become interested in solids, the first fall from a height, the first choking episode etc etc... ' it has all taken its toll on me, I am only human after all.

So, when asked for my advice on First Aid for Parents, my first thought is - tell parents not to panic. There are some basic steps we need to think about and if we work through those steps, we can achieve a happy, relatively stress-free home life.

Thinking back to basics...

Point 1 - Airway takes priority

Point 2 - Know your Primary Survey

Point 3 - Try to remain calm

Point 4 - Always explain what you’re going to do, comfort & reassure.

Point 5 - First Aid is just common sense, don’t try to make it more difficult.

So let's take each point from above and break it down...

  1. We are told never to move a casualty who has fallen from a height and who you suspect has a neck or back injury or both. However, if your casualty is not breathing you WILL need to use the head tilt chin lift procedure and by doing this you HAVE to move the casualty’s head/neck. They won't survive if you don't.
  2. Knowing your Primary Survey enables you to make a systematic approach when dealing with any casualty, whether it is your own child or someone else. DR (shout help!) ABC.
  3. Try to remain calm. Our children can sense when we are upset even if we don’t show it, so they will certainly pick up on it when we panic.
  4. When ill or injured, our children will be searching our faces for a way in which to behave. If we are starting to panic, cry, scream; then they will copy that. Whatever the injury, kneel beside your child, comfort and reassure them and explain what you’re planning to do. Tell them if the injury is serious, don’t keep anything from them - they will know! Tell them everything is under control and you have help on it’s way. You don’t have to go into too much detail but be as honest as you can.
  5. First Aid is common sense. If you have gone out for the day and haven’t taken a first aid kit, improvise. As long as you stick to basics, have a means of calling 999 if necessary, you will be fine!


In the meantime, keep your first aid qualifications up to date, you never know when you may need them! Tigerlily offer a great First Aid for Parents Course that will provide you with basic first aid skills.

I will be back soon with more tips for a safe, happy household!