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Explore our blog, featuring a variety of First Aid topics from colleagues and expert trainers at Tigerlily First Aid Training.


EYFS 2024 Update Summary

The ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework’ has been updated, taking effect from 4th January 2024. The document has now been split into two versions; one for childminders and another for group and school-based providers.

10 Jan by Alison Fellows
Baby Safe Sleeping 1

Safe Sleeping

This months blog is all about keeping babies and children safe whilst sleeping.

20 Jun by Alison Follows
5 Minutes
First Aid Myth 1

Myths around first aid

Worryingly there's a large amount of rumour and myth spread about first aid practices.

28 Apr by Alison Follows
15 Minutes
Eczema Blog Image 1


This blog is talking about Eczema, a non contagious, inflammatory dry skin condition .

04 Apr by Alison Follows
10 minutes
Car Seat Image 1

A child choking during a car journey

A blog from a Parent who talks about their child choking on a sweet during a car journey.

08 Mar by A parent
5 minutes
Young Child With Asthma

All about asthma

We invite you to read our latest blog all about Asthma the signs, symptoms and what to do in the event of an asthma attack.

01 Mar by Alison Follows
10 minutes
Girl With Paints

Toxic Items and Harmful Plants

A significant part of ensuring a space is safe for children is to consider the risk around items which might not initially appear to us as hazardous.

31 Jan by Alison Follows
5 mins
Image003 (1)

Seasonal illness in childcare settings

It’s that time of year again…the joyful season of sniffles, coughs, colds, and sneezes! We know that the winter period increases likelihood of seasonal illness for children and their carers (including parents, family members, school and early years professionals). But why is that?

15 Dec by Alison Follows
6 minutes
Image001 (2)

Mel saves her colleague Julie with her first aid knowledge and fast response

Mel spotted the signs of stroke in her colleague Julie. Her quick actions learnt during her first aid training meant she knew what to do to help

08 Dec by Gemma
2 minutes

Accidents, incidents, and near misses

In a previous blog post we explored Risky Play in Early Years settings and considering how to manage risks associated with this. In this blog we will continue this learning by considering reporting requirements for accidents, incidents and near misses.

29 Nov by Alison Follows
7 mins
Girl Choking On Bread


Choking is a serious and life-threatening medical emergency. Obstructions to the throat or trachea (windpipe) can lead to choking as the foreign body blocks the pathway for oxygen to enter the lungs.

04 Nov by Alison Follows, First Aid Consultant to Tigerlily Training
7 minutes
Child Climbing On A Tree

Risky Play and Risk Assessments

Risky Play requires adults to accurately support children, knowing their current capabilities and having the confidence to allow them to take a measured risk. It requires a skilful adult to make judgement calls instinctively based on each child’s abilities.

20 Oct by Alison Follows, First Aid Consultant to Tigerlily Training
6 minutes

Sun and heat safety

In the UK, we love to talk about the weather…too wet, too cold, too hot, too humid, the list goes on…however one thing most people will be able to agree on is that summers are getting hotter.

20 Jul by Alison Follows, First Aid Consultant to Tigerlily Training
8 mins
MHFA Youth

Big boys don’t cry - Mental Health

Pam Fricker our Mental Health Specialist has shared her own personal experience of mental health within her family

15 Feb by Family Thoughts
20 minutes
Shutterstock 45311197

First Aid Kits: Being Aware of Expiry Dates

Having a First Aid Kit prepares you for a medical emergency, however making sure it is up to date and fully equipped maintains the safety of both the First Aider and person injured.

28 Jul by Breanna Beaumaster, Training Manager
5 minute read
Child in Bath with Hairdryer

Child Safety: Safe From Accidents

Supporting The Child Accident Prevention Trust's vision, wanting all children to have the freedom to grow and learn, safe from serious harm. We are helping CAPT to raise awareness of the importance of Child Safety, with some key facts and safety tips in our blog.

07 Jun by Sammy Tasker, HR and Accounts Advisor and Mum of Two
10 minute read
Anaphylaxis Allergy

Anaphylaxis: Would You Know What To Do?

Would you know what to do in an anaphylactic emergency? Read our blog for common triggers, anaphylaxis symptoms and treatment.

24 May by Charlie Adams, Digital Marketing Executive
3 minute read
Lady Putting A Plaster On A Childs Knee

First Aid for Parents: Back to Basics

Traci, one of our specialist First Aid Trainers, and mother, gives us some of her top tips on parent first aid.

20 May by Traci Sproston, The Medic Mum
2 minute read
Cpr On A Dummy

First Aid Training during the COVID Pandemic

Read our First Aid Training Q&A with company Director, Tony, to help clarify some of your questions over what it's like to attend a First Aid Training practical session during COVID and all the safety measures we have in place to keep everyone safe.

26 Jan by Tony Parr, Director of Quality and Compliance
3 minute read